Two Academics Participate In The International Digital Conference

04 - Oct - 2020

Prof. Sanaa Abu Daqqa, who is a professor of Education, and prof. Basil Al-Khudari, who is a professor of psychology, both from the IUG Faculty of Education have recently participated with a scientific paper in the international digital conference led by Norway and entitled: "Developing a sustainable kindergarten: perspectives, opportunities and challenges".

The conference was held via the zoom program from 28 to 30 of September 2020 in Norway with participation of partners from the Islamic University and Hebron University. The Participants from the University of South Eastern of Norway were prof. Ingrid Christensen and prof. Susan Leiden, while prof. Shawki Raji was from Hebron university.

The IUG professors' scientific paper put forward the role of "Social and Psychosocial support provided in kindergartens in Norway and Palestine". They discussed how the psychological support and the social enhancement benefit kids in the early childhood stages. The sample of the study was a number a group of baby sitters from Gaza, Hebron and Norway.

It is worth noting that this participation is part of a joint project NORPAC-"Developing the Teacher Education in Pedagogy for Early Childhood Education and Early Elementary School in Palestine and Norway-MSc", which started by the beginning of 2019 and will last five years ahead until 2023. It has been implemented in full coordination with the University of South Eastern Norway and Hebron University.