New Online Academic Semester 2020/2021

11 - Sep - 2020

Students of Islamic University of Gaza are getting started on a new academic semester remotely this Saturday 12th of Sep, 2020. 

Prof. Nasser Farahat, President of the Islamic University of Gaza, congratulated IUG senior and junior students on the beginning of the new academic year 2020/2021, wishing everyone a successful semester showered with remarkable achievements and accompanied with high spirits to defy the harsh conditions out of the outbreak of coronavirus.

With a view to save the time and maintain the educational process meanwhile, Prof. Farahat stressed that this year, due to the emergency health conditions that prevented students from reaching the university, the university opted to start the new academic year with the e-learning system taking advantage of the university's potential in the field. He added that the university's administration has already taken into account a lot of observations while assessing the e-learning experience of the previous semester.

Prof. Farahat pointed out that as a way of facilitating the process for students, faculty members were instructed to dedicate the first lectures of the first academic week to qualify their students very well on how to use e-platforms and to introduce them into the university's e-learning system.

 To students he said, "We are reassuring the spirit of insistence that we have endowed in you and the determination to achieve you success and excellence."

"We are starting this new academic year and we wish to live with you in the Islamic University of Gaza soon in its beautiful facilities and buildings that have long embraced students who flocked to it to get away with useful science. We always say that the Islamic University as much as it has a wonderful environment but it is truly beautiful when it is adorned by its wonderful students," he expressed.

It is worth mentioning that on the first of this September The Islamic University issued a statement informing about the resumption of study and registration for the first semester of the new academic year 2020/2021. This statement, which comes in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus inside the provinces of the Gaza Strip, stated that:

- The first semester will kick off on the 12th of Sep, 2020 with the courses that can be taught remotely and the matter will be addressed with regard to practical courses later.

-Students will be assessed with scores dispersed into 40% for assignments and 60% for final exams, which will be held electronically inside the classrooms of the University considering the social distance.

-For new students, the university offers electronic enrollment applications that permit them to register and get their course schedule although they do not pay tuition fees. They will pay the outstanding fees after the curfew in the Gaza Strip expires and the university thereby puts a mechanism for payment.

-For old students, the university will stop blocking their grades and will allow them to register and get their course schedules although they are not paying the outstanding fees due until the end of the curfew.

-Postgraduate students are dealt the same as undergraduates in terms of fees, payment, assessment mechanism and grades.