Minister of Health Praises IUG During A Tour of Inspection

09 - Sep - 2020

 The Minister of Health Dr. Mai Al-Kila cherished the remarkable effort of IUG during her tour of inspection to the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital on the 8th of Sep, 2020.

 During her tour of inspection accompanied by Dr. Yusuf Abu Al-Rish, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, Her Excellency Dr. Al-Kila has appreciated the topnotch potential of the IUG School of Medicine, describing the entire university as a great scientific edifice. She, also, appraised the capacity and efforts exerted to operate the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, which was handed off to the IUG by the declaration of the emergency state due to the coronavirus.

Dr. Al-Kila had recently arrived in the Gaza Strip at the head of a delegation comprising five ministers to examine the epidemiological situation in Gaza and the needs of Gazans to cope with COVID19.

Her Excellency Al-Kaila toured the hospital’s departments and observed the conditions of those infected with the coronavirus from the Gaza Strip and the quarantined inside the hospital. It is worthy to say that this hospital is a big one so that it can serve 200 patients with beds. It is also provided with many advanced devices as well as appropriate medical beds. Dr. Al-Kaila also took a look at the scientific laboratories and the classrooms in the university’s medical departments adjacent to the hospital.

At the end of the visit, IUG honored her Excellency with IUG’s trophy and thanked her for the praise she credited the IUG and its students with.

It is worth mentioning that in the last March, the IUG in Gaza announced its taking over of the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital after communicating with the Turkish government and Tika Foundation with a view to secure people from the sudden outbreak of coronavirus. The hospital in all its capabilities and equipment has been put under the disposal of the Ministry of Health to serve the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip during the emergency health conditions.