1st of its kind in Palestine

The Youngest PhD Researcher Discusses Her Thesis at IUG

29 - Jul - 2020

On the 28th of July 2020, the Islamic University of Gaza has honored Dr. Tahani Salem Abu Salah a PhD thesis on " The Names of Allah in the Holy Quran: A pragmatic Study". This Thesis is the first of its kind in Palestine and the third in the Arab World.

In her thesis, Dr. Abu Salah reveals the meaning of Alla's names in the end of the verse in respect with the general context of the verse aiming to bring the meaning closer to the readers' comprehension. She clarified the pragmatic approach in the context of quranic verses through which the names of Allah affect the recipients. The first chapter throws lights on the pragmatic approach's origins, vision, concept, aspects, principles, mission and features. While, the second chapter branches out to talk about the principles of pragmatic approach in the individual names of Allah containing in the names of mercy, the names of power and the names of greatness. The third chapter handles the principles of pragmatic approach in the compound names of Allah. On the other hand, the fourth chapter tackles the principles of pragmatic in the associated names in the Qur'anic verses, and divided into names associated with science and wisdom, names associated with pride and kindness, names associated with forgiveness and mercy, names associated with praise and friendliness, and names associated with truth and power.

The discussion of thesis consisted of: Prof. Nabil Abu Ali, Supervisor and President; Prof. Kamal Ghoneim, Internal Discussion, Prof. Mohammed Kallab, Internal Discussion, and Prof. Osama Abu Sultan, External Discussion.

Prof. Nabil Abu Ali commented on the thesis, " We are proud and cherish this distinguish of Tanhany as she put her hand on a treasure of methods to reach to Allah. This attainment is an excellent certification for all Arabic Department".  

The research recommended studying the names of Allah in all critical approaches as it have an interesting role in enabling believers in their true faith. It, in addition, encouraged students to enrich the role of the recipient in the curriculum used in the critical studies.

"My ambition is to explain the meanings of Allah's names in the Hadiths of prophet Mohammed-Peace Be Upon Him," Tahany concluded.