IUG launches Master Program on Social-Service.

18 - Jul - 2020

AQAC declared accreditation of opening a Master Program on social service major early coming semester 2020-2021.

This Master Program aims to prepare professional cadres capable of serving the society creatively and effectively beyond hiring modern technology. Besides, it focuses on field training and scientific research to face the social issues and to active the jobs market demands. Prof. Raed Slaha, Dean of Faculty of Arts, asserted that this comes at a time of scarcity of such social programs, especially in Gaza Strip. The major goal, as he mentioned, is to graduate social specialists' trainers by which they have to empower the marginalized, and to face the injustice imposed on different segments of society.

The basic domains offered by this program are as follows: work in the Ministry of Social Affairs, in the Care & Social services centers of UN, in the Ministry of Planning and Administrative. They may, also, work in the ministry of prisoners and freed persons and in the field of women and children, and as school guide.  

It is worth noting that trainers will be well-prepared to work in private  government, international, and academic social institutions.