Participation In The Algerian First International Webinar On COVID19

30 - Jun - 2020

Prof. Basel Al-Khodari, who is teaching in the IUG Department of Psychology, participated with a scientific paper in the first International Webinar on university's role during COVID19.

The Webinar organized by Mohammed Al-Basheer AL-Ibrahimi University in Algeria, with participation of several world universities represented by Palestine- Islamic University, Britain, India, Iraq, Malesia, Egypt, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, and Algeria.  

According to Prof. Al-Khodari, his paper manifested the Role of Islamic University of Gaza in serving community during COVID19. His study aimed at answering questions related to this context. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, IUG has established three emergency committees: The Higher Administrative Emergency Committee, The Emergency Committee for Medical Awareness, the E-learning Emergency Committee; each one of these committees has its main roles and responsibilities. To achieve the study's goal, the researcher contacted the key persons of these committees and made semi-structure interview with them.

One of the results of the study revealed that the Emergency Committee for Health Awareness has analyzed the situation and set a plan to raise the awareness of the university community (students and employees) as well as the public in General. In addition, a procedural action plan was put into practice to protect people attending the university (gloves, alcohol gel, chlorine disinfectants, personal protective equipment). Furthermore, the committee published 94 brochures and posters, 12 videos, 16 articles, online lecture, TV and radio interviews, additionally to the university news.

Prof. Alkhodari said that the IUG Ph.D. students in Curriculum Development Course had a crucial role in disseminating the e-learning culture, not only in Palestine, but their campaigns have expanded to touch the educational lives of thousands of educators in the Arab world. He emphasized, in addition, on the role of Information Technology Incubation in launching a bunch of contests and training courses on how to combat the pandemic and what precautionary measures must they take into consideration.