IUG To Open Center For Communicable Diseases Surveillance

09 - Jun - 2020

Defying the coronavirus outbreak and with a view focuses on developing the medical infrastructure in Gaza, the Islamic University of Gaza has launched a new center for watch over the infectious diseases, especially the novel Corona pandemic. 
Prof. AbdelRaoof el-Manama, who is the Head of the center, said in an interview, that the outbreak of communicable diseases in the recent years has forged an incentive for taking a step forward towards combating the infection's aftermath. "The center thereby is anticipated to find new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to contribute into curbing these diseases", he added. 
This community-serving center will lead to minimizing the numbers of communicable diseases, additionally to alleviating their effects among Gazans as they live in one of the most crowded areas in the world. Furthermore, the joint work of researchers, via this center, will boost the quality and quantity of communicable diseases research hub as they will be working in an advanced environment. The view of this plan is to push up the performance of medical laboratories, which have been working in the governmental and privet sector in Gaza. One more purpose of this center is to unify the efforts of the university, community, and health care providers on one level. The project, in return, will train students from medical faculties: Health Sciences, Science and Medicine to work as researchers in this field, and prepare them to act efficiently in crises.  
Prof. El-Manama elaborated that the center will be guided by an advisory board that is keen to improve its strategies, as well as, preparing infection control protocols in different environments like hospitals, crossings, quarantine, and community. He, also, declared that as part of the outcomes of the center, a number of BA, MA, and Ph.D. papers and research will be published on international journals and hubs as well as on the special website of the center. Also, all activities and dissemination of news will be documented on this website. 
"We hope these efforts would keep the COVID-19 curve flat in the Gazan community", he desired.

Commenting upon the achievement, the IUG president Prof. Nasser Farahat cherished the tireless efforts of the IUG Health Awareness Emergency Committee, headed by Prof. El-Manama, during the quarantine. "The Islamic University of Gaza is at the forefront of Gazan efforts to understand the coronavirus (COVID-19) and protect our people", he concluded.