Islamic University Takes Up the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital

26 - Mar - 2020

The Islamic University-Gaza has announced that, after communicating with the Turkish Government and the Tika Foundation, it has taken up the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital aiming to serve the emergency conditions resulting from the Coronavirus crisis in the Gaza Strip.

IUG took the initiative of communicating with the Palestinian Ministry of Health informing that the hospital and all its highly equipped capacities are placed at the disposal of the Ministry of Health to serve the Gazan People in these emergency conditions.

IUG President, Prof. Nasser Farahat, said, "This hospital will be of great contribution in combating the current health conditions in Gaza and will keep the public health in the safe zone".

It is noteworthy that the Palestinian-Turkish Friendship Hospital was established inside the IUG campus in the middle of the Gaza Strip with a generous donation of the Turkish government. It came as a result of the university's call for help pointed to the president of the republic Turkish government, Rajab Erdogan.

This hospital is a big one so that it can serve 200 patients with beds. It also has a number of buildings. In addition, it is provided with many advanced devices as well as appropriate medical beds. Moreover, Radiology Departments of different types are well prepared additionally to operation rooms and intensive care rooms.

The Islamic university of Gaza appreciates the significant role of the Turkish Government as the access to the hospital kept its pace with these emergency conditions.The IUG sincerely thanks the close bosom friend of the Palestinians, the Turkish society, Government and President as well as Tika for their ongoing support.