IUG Organizing Team Ranked First in World Hult Prize

23 - Mar - 2020


On 19th of March 2020, the International Hult Prize Foundation announced that the Islamic University team has topped 1500 world-organizing teams in the Hult prize competition this year. Ranan Jouda, Hult Prize Coordinator in Islamic University-Gaza, has been selected by the foundation as THE HULT PRIZE 2019/2020 BEST IN-CLASS CAMPUS DIRECTOR.

The overall goal of the prize is to empower the youths in different world universities and engage them in the community through supporting their entrepreneurial skills and projects.

The IUG team directed by Ranan has succeeded in mobilizing thousands of students to build bold businesses for a better world, and, accordingly, provided them with one-to-one personalized mentorship. Not only that, they also got the highest number of trainings and workshops in the world, engaged Ministries, CEOs, and award winning judges to support the community.  

Ranan teamed up with IUG Business and Technology Incubator (BTI) to choose the organizing team, which consists of Ranan Jouda, Osama Abu Shanab, Malak Zaqout, Hamza Abed, Moataz al-Hayek, Adel Abu Aisha, Shihab Sheikh Khalil, Youssef Farahat, Sami Al Tayeb, Mohamed Hillel, Hana Musa, Serena Awad, Malak Hijazi, Hanin Zaqout, Inas El Baba, Sarah Hammad, and Sara Saftawi.

In honor of this attainment, Rana Jouda said, "today we are all cherishing the phenomenal work of every member in our team. This attainment would not have been achieved without the well-planned and organized efforts of all of us and the nurture of our University as well".

The Unified kickoff Leads to Success

As she proudly narrated their journey, Jouda told that they first took the initiative to form an organizing team-mentioned above-and then mobilize students aiming to inform them about the competition's criteria and conditions. The University, in this part, aided them in disseminating the applications on social media, and facilitated holding several information workshops. In addition, the IUG BTI guided them and did systematic supervision since the beginning.

Malak Zaqout, member of IUG organizing team expressed her delight over the awesome success, saying "Heartfelt thanks to the IUG External Relations for facilitating our work, and to the IUG Academic Affairs who helped contacting with students".

The second step for the organizing team was to select the youth contesting teams who must center their work on finding an entrepreneurial idea that serves the Hult prize challenge for this year. The challenge was to work on an environmental issue that must achieve the sustainable development for the environment and the good financial outcome for the team's startup on an equal footing.

 Afterwards, the IUG organizing team did convene several training workshops that varied to include workshops on Business Model, Budget Plan, soft skills, and business accelerators. All of which aimed and pushed the teams to compete in the regional levels.

 At the local level, the selection was in favor of six teams; three of them ascended to the regional level, but two of them withdrew. The last team called "the Greepers" has competed regionally and topped six Egyptian teams. It includes Mohamed Shaqleh, Ziad Moussa, Khaled Ismail and Amr Al-Helis and they are about to ascend to the international competition.

It is worth noting that Hult Prize foundation has been supported by Bill Clinton-USA- with a view to solve global social challenges through crowdsourcing ideas and solutions from the world's best and brightest students in different worldwide universities.