A Dream on Father's Taste

29 - Feb - 2020

However, the fortune was not on his side, he craves to be his father's extension.

Childhood and Parents' Care

A little child had a dislocation in his joint since birth. His capability of doing and moving things from their places had seemed paralyzed dissimilar to other same-age children. This child had grown up with a disability burdening his soft left arm, which in its process, burdened his childish life from being that bright and gleeful one. It deprived him from imagining himself a Doctor or an Engineer the same manner his mates replied whenever a person or a teacher asks; " What would you do for living, children?"  Nonetheless, a father of a good responsibility had seen more of the world than his little child. He had seen that nothing could ensnare one from flying in farther skies. He sensed the duty of a good father shapes in planting inspiration and hope in the soil of his son's heart.

Pre-stage of IRADA

Days had died until the high school knocked doors. With courage from parents, Ali Hamed Nasser had graduated successfully from Tawgihe, a high school certificate. He had majored then in industrial section as his father's desire, before death, pushed him to be an electrical worker.

The 29-year youth, Ali Nasser had a great allegiance to his father's wish; he had his share of training at the Palestinian Ministry of Labor. Then the Association of Disabled people in Deir Al-Balah, where Ali lives now, was the ladder that he climbed through to IRADA Center at IUG.

IRADA's Gate Brings Fortunes

"IRADA was a gate of hope," he confirmed. "I have found in IRADA what lost in other places". Ali continued his story remembering the shadows of his father who was a stimulus to choose the Home-Electric Extensions Workshop- at IRADA.

 At this special workshop, as he said, he found several reasons to survive, reasons that shaped his capability to be a good electrical worker, the wish of his father. First, he learnt about the Fixel Key and the contractor. Then he knew how to put a first plan for the electrical cables extensions in apartments. In due course of time, he became expert at making people's houses glowingly enlighten.  

The second evidence beyond Ali's attainment is that he was encircled by a group of supporters, dreamers, partners, depression saviors and a good wife. Ali once highlighted some unforgettable moments at Irada. He marked the good manner of Irada manger and stockholders, the professionality of trainers and the kindness of friends. He has lived in an environment that brings him ease and affiliation to work.

 The son who intended to be his father's extension is now taking his role in the market, knowing as a good electrical worker. He has carried on his responsibility to re-enlighten dozens of new houses for relatives, friends, and neighbors. "I have received more payments in my work, for the good skills I have had". He has been required to take care of lamps, cables and people's spirit.

With a wide smile drawn on his face, he gleefully said, "I used to be thrown by harsh words of failure, most people whom I met through my way of life assured me that I have no sort of future. Yet, I'm ready now to tell them that I have shaped my own future under IRADA's eyes."

Graduation is a Truth

On the graduation stage, he raised up his certificate, looking back to the days of despair, exhaling a deep sigh and a big smile, saying: " this life is no longer far, no longer easy; it's the hard work that shapes the person's personality".