The New Corona Virus In China

09 - Feb - 2020

On 3rd of February 2020 at IUG Tiba Building, the IUG Medical Sciences Faculty convened a scientific lecture regarding the new virus spreading in China nowadays "Corona". The faculty supported this activity as part of the ASM scientific lectures series.

Prof.  Abdelraouf A. Elmanama, American Society Ambassador and IUG lecturer, delivered the lecture where loads of specialist and those who have an interest in the topic attended. Elmanama has pointed out that many factors cause the new strains of infections. For instance, the frequent change of the climate, population growth, migration, international movement, wars, and the intensive use of institutes altogether contributes in the emergence of the new infections.

"It is scientifically approved that the reason behind arousing Corona virus is mainly animals, for example, snakes and bats," confirmed Elmanama in the lecture. In addition, he assures that transferring the infection from a human being to another is a serious problem. Catching this virus results in vomiting, infections, coughing, and rise in body temperature which may develop into kidney failure, SARS "infection in the lungs", and ultimately killing the human being.

Contagion is possible through touching contaminated surfaces, coughing, close contact, touching nose and eyes. Therefore, disease prevention is recommended, pointed Elmanama. He mentioned many practices recommended for the disease prevention: washing the hands, washing fruits and vegetables, cooking meat well, and avoiding touching animals.

Ultimately, Elmanama concluded that no therapy is available for the disease other than some cures for the symptoms. Moreover, there is no immunization to reduce the infection.

He also highlighted that the health organization has took upon itself the responsibility of identifying the patients, quarantining them, raising the awareness of common people and reducing the infection.