Lecture With University of Graz About Gender and Media

29 - Jan - 2020

 On 28th of January 2020, IUG Women's Studies Center convened, in partnership with IUG Media & Journalism Department, a scientific meeting on "Gender and the Media" topic to shed the lights on the issue of women in the age of media. The meeting was via skype with the University of Graz in Austria, and is included under the activities of the APPear Project " Capacity Building of Higher Education Institutions in the fields of Women and Equality".

The meeting was first opened by IUG project teamwork and Journalism department, where Dr. Ameen Wafi shed the lights on the role of the department in defending women's rights through the activities that are held by the department. While, Eng. Amani Maqadma deliberated the results of APPear project, and explained the method of prepare proposals for Pro-women projects.

Then the stage was for the University of Graz to explain about the feminist form(n)ations topic, and about two key terms: intersectionality and transnational feminism. Dr. Jenifer, a poet and a very well scholar in cultural studies from Graz, presented about the nature of the feminist movements in the world. More importantly, how the westerns look at women in media and How the women struggled to build their feminist identity. In addition, she talked about how to use the theories of gender to analyze women in reaching out to the world.

Throughout the meeting, there had been panel discussions on how women research for their identity through the intersectionality of religion, race, traditions, class, citizenship status, and national origin.

Eng. Amani Ma from IUG gave an example clarifying the term of intersectionality: she said that a woman can be a mother, an employee, a poet, and a member in parliament. Jenifer commented "yes", clarifying about herself that she is a poet, from USA, a sister, daughter, fiancé, and all of which are intercepting to shape he identity. Both of them confirmed that the concept of intersectionality adds power to media.  

Transnational feminist aims to show the intersections of women over historical ages, as well as, revealing the revolutionary role of women in the society.

Hedaia Hasanian, a student at Dawa and Media Department, said that she has been hearing about the idea of Genderism in media, and the gender writing as well as the role of women in media. She is interested in knowing more about the topic that's why she is coming to the meeting.