Artificial Islands To Resolve Gazan Population Crisis

15 - Jan - 2020

IUG Civil Engineers have designed a prototype for artificial islands to be established in the Gaza sea that are expected to alleviate the crisis of Gazan Population's density.

 "SHONE OLIVER" is the name of the artificial island that IUG Engineers have designed for setting up a medical city for Gazan cancer patients. The city will be dedicated for introducing Palliative Care for patients with cancer at the final stages as it will have a good clean atmosphere.

This idea has flashed in the mind of Husain Hamad, Ismail AL-Betar and Yousef Yaseen as to be their graduation project's seedbed that could, one day, stand as an environmentally credited solution for lands' scarcity in Gaza; in addition to be an encouragement for activating the role of palliative care in the medical sector.   

The island has been named "SHONE OLIVER" in honor of the humanitarian work of the Austrian Activist Shone Oliver who has passed away during saving a child's life, AL-Betar Said. he also added that he and his mates had conducted several filed studies on most of Gaza shores, and the area of "Fishers' Port" was nominated for the project for many reasons, some of which were: the lack of pollution there, the remoteness from the military sites and the good overlook.

Student Yaseen reported that they have designed the island circularly based on international former studies, saying that the area of the island is 70 dunums in 298 diameters and 300 meters off shore. He, additionally, said that they have designed an air bridge connecting with the island, taking into consideration guaranteeing effective solutions for the environmental risks.  

The students recommended improving the sector of Marine Science adequately through the rehabilitation of academics and taking care of students' research outputs as to be financially supported. They, also, called for inaugurating specialized laboratories in the field of beach and sea soil analysis; as well as, providing the necessary equipment for Naval architecture.

In a relative context, another engineering group including Mahmoud Batsh, Mohammed Bader, Ibrahim Hamouda and Ahmed AL-Tayeb have designed an artificial island to be established in the Gaza sea for maximizing the movement of tourism in the strip, as well as, finding a good solution for population density.

As the student Batsh said: " the choice of the Island has been for AL-Zawaida area in the Middle of Gaza for many reasons: easy access to the area, flat and easy sealand, relative calm and good view. The island is 800 meters off shore with an area of 15 square kilometers".

The island has been designed to utilize the Palestinian stone "Al-Jamae'en" to protect the island because it resists the chemical reactions. In addition, it uses the sea sand to fill the area, and the steel strips to fence the island, and various metals as well as huge machines to pull and pump the sand to the place of the island.

The students recommended developing the marine facility science courses, enhancing the capacity of academic staff in the same field, furthermore, teaching new software that focuses on modelling the waves and the influential forces.