Grand English Poetry Festival at IUG

02 - Dec - 2019


IUG English Department organizes Grand English Poetry Festival and Poetry Exhibition this Monday at Big Conference Hall.

Head of English Department Prof. Mosheer Amer said in an interview that: "this event enables students to understand poetry very well in light of eras of literature and make a good reflection of it in reality. The festival, in addition, displays their amazing talents in writing poetry".

Prof. Amer extended his deepest gratitude and appreciation to Prof. Refaat ALareer for leading the event with his ceaseless dedication to make it successful.

"IUG English students, you are the best", this was the closing sentence of Prof. Amer's speech.

The Grand English Poetry Festival did gather most academic staff and students of the faculty of Arts as well as presented some recitation for poems which written by students and professors.

Dean of Faculty of Arts Prof. Raed Salha appreciated the hard work for making this event happen. "The English Department has kept pace with all kinds of creativity and distinction since its establishment", he confirmed.

Students took part primarily at the big exhibition that is held at the Main Conference Lobby. The exhibition includes (10) informative corners that mark, obviously, the English poetry evolution over eras of literature, and are displayed with a good fashionable way by students.

The corners cover the era of Greek, Medieval, Romanticism, Neoclassical, Shakespeare, Victorian, Metaphysical, 20th Century, Palestinian Poetry, and IUG Poetry.

Interviewing Prof. ALareer, he stated that there are more than (100) students have partaken in the activities of both the Grand Festival and the exhibition, which will last three days ahead.

This occasion is included under the umbrella of a project to Promote networking and internationalization among multilingual researchers and educators; it has been carried out in cooperation with Durham University, one of the top five big universities in UK; in addition to the participation of Istanbul and Anadolu University in Turkish as well as a University in Colombia.

Prof. Nazmi Al-Masri declared that all of students' poems will be compiled and published in a book at the end of the project.

It is worth mentioning the English Department used to hold annual activities and events highlighting different genres of literature with full participation of its students.