Studying Day On Palestinian Family: Challenges & Resilience

27 - Nov - 2019

IUG Women's Studies Center in cooperation with IUG Psychological Counselling Center have convened a studying day entitled, "Palestinian Family: Challenges & Resilience" this day at Tiba Building.

This event comes as part of SHE project "Strengthening Capacity of Higher Education Institutions in Gender Equality", and with participation (16) scientific papers from a host of Gazan Universities and the Ministry of Higher Education.

IUG President confirmed that: "IUG was the first to enable women in Gaza. IUG has singled out a special university for women with a view to give her a wide space for practicing her university life".

The topics of the day has been distributed into three sessions:

First session includes several topics: A participant presented a paper on highlighting the challenges that face the Palestinian families from the IUG student's perspectives. The paper concludes that there is a psychological and economic factors affect the family, in addition to the era of technology and the level of knowledge for parents.

Another topic is about the Psychological symptoms that face the martyr's wife in the Palestinian community. The researcher choses (107) martyr's wife to conduct the study, using the analytical description methodology. The researcher finds out that there is an inverse relationship between the psychological symptoms and stress. There is an inverse relationship between the severity of symptoms and the degree of handling the stress, there is a Positive relationship between stress and endurance.

In the Second Session, Participants discussed the following: The role of the value system in strengthening the resilience of the Palestinian family, Violence against Palestinian women: causes and local protection mechanisms, the requirements of the psychological fitness of the Palestinian girl in the face of the psychological targeting and the mental health of the mother and its relationship to the development of the child in light of the social, economic and cultural level.

Third session encompassed: the effectiveness and impact of workshops for supporting the families of autistic children, the role of women in family bonding between the reinforcement and threats, Case Study on the Prophet's warning of violence against wife, the experience of the Psychological Counselling Center in supporting IUG students' resilience against challenges and, finally, Islamic Relief Experience in Family Counselling.