Sweden Doctors Visit IUG Psychological Counselling Center

06 - Nov - 2019

IUG Psychological Counselling Centre has received a delegation from the Palestine Solidarity Association of Sweden, Dr. David Henley and Dr. Herik Pelling, to discuss mutual cooperation and to inaugurate a new channel for training in the area of psychology and rehabilitation.

According to Prof. Ibrahim Astal, Dean of IUG Education Faculty; he said at his Office that: this visit comes in coordination with the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP), a chief partner of IUG Psychological Counselling Center.

Dr. Marwan Diab, Head of Scientific Research at the Gaza Community Mental Health programme, asserted that the delegation is keen to transmit the Swedish knowledge of psychological counselling to Gaza institutions so that can upgrade the awareness about dealing with mental health crisis.  

The IUG Psychological and Counselling Center was established in 1992 with a view to offer counselling and mental health services for students and the public in gratis. There is an overall thrust of the IUG Faculty of Education to inaugurate a programme for capacities' rehabilitation on Autism.

On this regard, Dr. Henely reported that the cornerstone of their work is to rehabilitate specialists in autism area, as well as, transmit knowledge to improve the capacities in teaching mental health. Everything required for dealing with autistic children is developing practices for families to outsmart this crisis regardless the necessary medications, he added.

Both sides have agreed on preparing a concept plan for the coming programme as the Swedish members would follow up the development for it. They, in addition, discussed the possibility of making academic mobility for students and staff throughout the programme along.

The delegation had a tour in the Psychological Counselling Center as they were introduced to its corners: Play Therapy Room, Psychiatric Diagnosis Room, Electroencephalography and Feedback Room, Room of Test Scales of Mental Health, and Biofeedback device, which studies the association between vital and neurological functions and the psychological state of persons.