UNDP Project To Serve Sharia and Law Students

04 - Nov - 2019


Prof. Nasser Farahat signed a new project for developing applied methodologies of nine law materials, at the IUG President Office. From UNDP part, Mr. Yvonne Helle, Special Representative of UNDP Administrator, signed the approval of the project from Al-Quds.

The project will be implemented at the beginning of the coming month-December- and lasts nine months from now on, and serves 300 male and female students from the faculty of Sharia and Law as they will be involved in training courses at courts and lawful institutions.

The applied aspect of the nine courses will include a load of field visits to different courts and executive circles, syndicates, civil society institutions and Palestinian Bar Association. In addition, as part of the project, there will be a number of training workshops and panel discussions with lawyer practitioners who are going to plot out the critical issues for the students.  

 The Administrator of IUG Legal Clinic Dr. Husam Al-Den confirmed that the Faculty of Sharia and Law is keen to boost the practical skills of third and fourth- year students who are about to get into the marketplace.