The Story of a Half Man

The Story of a Half Man

03 - Nov - 2019

The title might seem a bit perplexing, yet it implies a long story. It is a story of dedication, a story of uncompleted happiness, a story of stamina, a story of faith.

In this life, it is the dream of every man and woman to get married and have a perfect romantic life. Both wish to have kids who later become the main source of the family's happiness and stability.

Once upon a time, a couple were happily married. Despite trying every possible solution, they could not get a baby for a long time. After fifteen years of marriage, the miracle happened and their baby girl was born. She lit their darkness and added a masterpiece to their life. Having her after all these years was absolutely astonishing; however, the parents’ ultimate aspiration was to have a son: a son who will become a man one day, a son who may become a groom in the future and a son who would defend the family's name.

In a sudden, after five years of struggling with many medical problems, they received tragic news: there was a 90% chance that they were going to have a disabled baby, a boy who may have no hands and legs, but a half body. This boy was Yousif Abdallah Yousif Abo Ameera. He is now a Palestinian man, living in Al-Shati Camp - located in the western area of the Gaza Strip. It was a hard shock for his parents to hear this news, his father went directly to the Mosque and started his duaa, the Islamic prayer, with heavy crying, wishing his son an easy life. His mother, after hearing the news, spent the days weeping, but at certain point she got satisfied and with full heart acknowledged that she must be his support and his foundation: " if my son, Yousif, doesn't have hands, I am his hands. If my son, Yousif, does not have legs, I am his legs."

To be different and not like normal people among an ordinary society is something difficult that Yousif has always faced in his daily life. But he believes that it is not a negative difference. This means that this disability is not a problem anymore, that he can outsmart it well; in a radical sense, upset has no way to his heart. Highlighting this point, Yousif once said, "I am like the others, and sometimes I am even better than them. Sometimes people misuse their hands; however, I can make special things with no hands". When others look at people with disability, their looks seem immoral; they seem afraid and they keep gazing for long times.

 To be a half of a man, to live with no hands or legs, is considered something horrible. People are afraid to imagine themselves in such a position, and most of them believe they would not survive at all.

Ask this question and try to answer it:

Can a man or women live their whole life without hands and legs?

 You may ask other questions, similar to the main question above, like how they can drink, how they can eat, how they can write, what they learn either at school or in college, how they can move from one place to another and how they can marry and make their dreams come true!

All of these questions are not such problems for Yousif to overcome. This comes in parallel with the common saying of, "problems are not stop signs, but they are guidelines." Showing even more determination, Yousif said, "even though I don't have hands and legs to do the daily activities that all people do, I thought that Allah has created me the way he did to the others.” What he has meant from these words is that he can easily drink water, and he can eat and walk because he believes that it is not a physical disability but a mental one. Minds are stronger than the body, and life doesn't need strong people; what it really needs is wise and educating ones. Yousif always has hope, and he has not stopped learning how to deal with things. He always loves to learn and know more things showing that he is a man, who has a heart and a mind, which are considered the main parts of any human.


The video link below is highly recommended to know more about Yousif.

Nobody can deny that the life we live is full of problems and obstacles. Every single person has his/ her own problems which may affect them positively or negatively. For Yousif's problems, he doesn't face a lot of obstacles that stop him from fighting to achieve his dreams, but he faces a few obstacles in his life since he was born till this moment. One of these obstacles is the people's negative perception of him. They consider that Yousif is not a human because he was not born like others. They always laugh at him and sometimes they go for calling him with some hurtful names. What also bothers him the most is that when he grabs his phone to make a call or even to go online, people assume he cannot hold it well and it might fall at any given moment.

As a man of 23 years of age, Yousif is seeking to have a stable marital life with a loving wife, three sons, and two daughters. Unfortunately, he has asked for many ladies’ hands several times, Alas, none of them accepted.

In addition, Yousif lives in a building of six floors, and there is no elevator to facilitate the process of going up and coming down the building, so this is a huge trouble for him. The only thing that can help him to move from place to another is the wheelchair, but due to the electricity cuts in the Gaza Strip, he does not charge it well. So according to Yousif, the process of moving from different areas is a burden; it takes a lot of time and effort, and it is not available all the time.


The obstacles and problems should not stop people's life. Sometimes, problems can be the first step of the people's success. Even though Yousif has faced several problems, but this doesn't prevent him to make significant achievements and make his dreams come true.

The biggest achievement for Yousif is to hold the pen and start writing down something on a paper. When Yousif was a child and ready to go to the kindergarten, he was rejected many times because of his appearance that scared the kids there. So, his childish dream was to go to the kindergarten and learn fun activities with other children, but it did not happen. His father, Abdallah was doing his best to let Yousif be a student at any school in Gaza, and he happily succeeded to give Yousif the chance to study at school starting from grade 4. On the school level, Yousif was a distinguished student: he was ranked first among his classmates when he was in the sixth grade at school and got values of money many times from the former UNRWA manager, John King. On the university level, Yousif is a fourth level student, who is going to be a graduate after a couple of months, in the Sharia Department at the Islamic University of Gaza. Since Yousif started his university, he decided not to be a normal student. He wanted to get several distinguishing certificates pointing out that when he was at school, he was a distinguished student, so Yousif said," where the problem is by having the same position at the university?" Yousif was proud of himself to also be a distinguished student for several semesters in his major at the Islamic University in Gaza.


Yousif spends most of his time thinking of something new. He actually aspires to achieve something that can totally change most of his life to a better side, and something that is strange and nobody, who was fully born, can easily do. He just wants to show to the world that he is creative and change people's perception of him. So, Yousif has decided to create a channel on YouTube, and shows to the world the real image of Yousif and how he lives this life proudly and happily. And now, Yousif is always active on his channel and posts some videos each time about his life style and his achievements.


Don't hesitate to subscribe Yousif's channel on YouTube. Here is the link below!

At the end, Yousif has said that if the mind is excellent, the whole body is doing great. He always tries to send a message to the whole world about his life, and now he is convinced that success lies on three important keys: The satisfaction of Allah, the good determination, and the most important key is patience. If anybody, who is disabled or not, has pains or not and has struggled with obstacles or not, follows these keys, he/she will absolutely have a fabulous future full of happiness and hope.

by: Omar Khalil Al- Balawi

4th-year student at IUG