Edinburgh Team to Share in 8th Medical Conference at IUG

23 - Oct - 2019

A five- members team of University of Edinburgh has visited IUG School of Medicine to train fourth-year medical students on palliative medicine, and to participate in the 8th International Conference entitled, " Pain Management and Palliative Care in Palestine".  

According to the Dean of Medicine School Prof. Fadel Naiem, the conference will be held in 25-26, Oct 2019 and the delegation's visit and participation will deeply underpin the culture of palliative care at the Gaza hospitals and in the brains of fourth-year medical students to habilitate them before taking the clinical courses at the latest years.

The delegation members are headed by the SPECH PHYSICIAN Mhoira Leng with accompanying of Janet Gilleit, Anthony Jefferis, Elizabeth Swain and Alice Gray.  

The training workshops took part at the School of Medicine - studying rooms, where the students have been introduced to some critical samples of chronic diseases' patients from different Gaza hospitals. The members of Edinburgh hold the responsibility to discuss these critical issues with students and train them on how to invest the palliative care in quacking the recovery or alleviating the pains of patients.

Prof. khamis Essie, neoro-rehabilitation consultant and pain medicine and the general coordinator of the 8th International Conference, said that the aim of this conference is to enlighten the professional doctors, nurses, students and physiotherapists about the importance of providing comprehensive pain management and palliative care to patients.    

 Dr. Elizabeth assured before giving her training workshop that: " what we want students to know is that patients are human beings, they are not suffering from only physical diseases, but they have also psycho-essential and spiritual needs that have to be addressed".  

We met Dr. Alice after her session with students, and she was impressed by the students as she described them, they are creative in proposing questions. She also called for making the palliative care courses available for students at the early years of studying medicine because of its great value to introduce to the clinical courses.   

Students Ayham expressed his gratitude and said that: "the delegation let us know how to deal with pains that the people suffer other than the physical pains; these pains are like social and physiological problems.     

It's worth mentioning that this visit aimed also at visiting the PRCF institution and following up its breakthroughs, in addition to evaluating the chronic diseases at Gaza hospitals and discussing the palliative care with doctors.