Oxford Delegation Visits IUG Medical Faculty

08 - Oct - 2019

IUG Faculty of Medicine welcomed a consultative delegation from Oxford who led the way to train six-year medical students.

According to Prof. Anwar Alshaikhkhalil, Vice-Dean Faculty of Medicine, the delegation, consisting of eleven academics and doctors, has paid such a visit to train sixth-year medical students in their practical training in Gazan hospitals by passing on their experiences, supporting and evaluating the general health status, and holding scientific lectures.

The visit headed by Dr. NICHOLAS MAYNARD, from surgery specialty, is presumably going to be in the period of 6th until the 14th of October aiming to encompass as many scientific conferences, symposiums, meetings, and hospitals appointments as possible, he added.

On the hosted side heading to Naser Hospital, three Doctors naming; Dr. Adam Baily, Dr. Najeeb Rahman, Dr. Deborah Harrington, were in charge of training the students at Internal Medicine and Maternity departments at Naser Hospital.

During the training, the students were doing diagnosis for patients, applying the knowledge they learnt at the university; and the delegation's members, in turn, were commenting on their work, recommending and evaluating their medical skills. Both students and doctors were having discussions and reviews for some important questions concerning with the patients, emphasizing on some strategies to be taken into consideration at some specific situations.

The training had been culminated by holding a series of scientific lectures at the faculty of medicine aiming at passing the great possible pieces of experiences on to the IUG medical students.

The delegation was highly impressed by the great deal of knowledge IUG medical students have. Doctor Adam expressed his admiration on the students smartness saying “they are really wonderful students; they memorize the whole book”.