Irada Center

Between the Fire and Sawdust: A Spirit Recovers

02 - Oct - 2019

The 29-years Abdul Rahim Reyad Zaquot from Nuseirat Camp-Gaza Strip- was destined to injury during the actions of Great Return March. He received treatment from Doctors without Borders. Fortunately, he recovered but still have severe problems with his nerves.

Since then, the injury had occupied more pages of his life; suffering nerve problems but redeeming his soul, acting as a main responsible of a family, he had managed to write the best ever chapter of his life. The chapter that included a big determination to assassinating misery after infliction, and reviving the words of strength and self-reliance. He recalled his old self and opened his eyes to the best hope for his knee. He thought of a salvation, indeed, he found it.

Knowing IUG Irada Center was not out of coincidence, as he clarified. He was told by a friend, on behalf of registering the names for Tawoon Project, to enroll without hesitance to the " Vocational training for Persons with Disability". As he was interviewed, the chance was meant to go through Smart Phones' Maintenance workshop. Abdul-Rahim availed himself of the opportunity which had been afforded him, thanking God for the bestowment that picked him up from the bed.

"People can learn from wrong choices more than they could do with proper's"

For the very beginning choice, Abdul Rahim directed his senses enthusiastically towards the Smart Phone Maintenance Workshop with a high intention to let his skills blossom in another occupation that he knew nothing about. He took his way ahead to the phone workshop, carrying the tools of maintenance but achieving nothing. Alas, his passion was unexpectedly fainting at its doors. Trials were exerted by him though failure was the dominance every time. It seemed to the trainer that this workshop was no more suited Abdul Rahim in spite of the deep vision of him. Abdul Rahim himself was really aware of his wrong choice, but the disappointment, reader, was not stopping him; instead, it gave more chances to meet with the occupation he loves most. A second thinking exercise is now out of the question. He made his mind, and ultimately, ran down to the Carpentry Workshop. The place where he could reconcile with his passion, adapt with his inner satisfaction and please his future.

Irada is a Matter of Heart!

The six-months training at Irada was not mere hours of work. Abdul Rahim mentioned that his life had been seen by him from another zone. His "Irada" for leaving footprints in some places alongside the attachment to the society as a member of it all of that taught him that there is something in life is worth fighting for. He acknowledged that the beauty of life was and will never be judged by what the person has, but who the person is. Having a sound body, reader, not necessarily guarantee a good life but having a good heart can do so. All Irada's supplement is a matter of heart! The companionship that the trainees find, the equal-based treatment, the for-free training programs, the ongoing support and pushing up words. All of that was priceless and meant to redeem souls before bodies.

Living with the Sawdust is a blessing!

At intervals, Zqout was seen afar coming and leaving the carpentry with the stress revealed vividly on his face. He had too much to apply based on the too much he learnt from the trainer; knowingly, he had a good background about the carpentry work. But he realized with a full heart that what Irada offered him is worthy and deserves the brakes. He was taught- beside his mates- the skills of dividing the wooden board with an ultimate benefit from every piece of wood. He, as a result, became skillful of using the shear and softening machine. In addition to that, he has been friendly to the wood, knowing every detail about it like its kinds, which kind of wood suits a product, the sizes of wooden wardrobes and bookshelves, the way of designing them, as well as the effort needed for every product. The carpentry workshop was the place he chanced to be in a good tranquil spirit although it is in fact a bothering messy one. The Carpentry work, reader, is not easy unless the person loves it, thereby a member of the family will be. When Abdul Rahim was asked about the smell of the sawdust, he pleasantly said: " Sawdust is the most preferable perfume to my nose". The words he wrote by his hardworking in this chapter connected themselves with the succeeding ones after misery, and gave significance to the wardrobe standing right the corner of his daughters' room.

Family and Work

"Being a trainer at Irada did not stop me from exercising the skills at home. I used to mend the wardrobes for my mom and friends with simple tools and equipment but it actually worked", he added.

When he was questioned about his daughters' response on his first wooden hand-mad table, he looked perfectly happy, gave a wide smile with quit pride and said: this table stem from my love to my daughters. I wanted to make something for them, I wanted to please them". He mentioned that his daughter's expression was tremendous the first time he told them he made a table for their own. They started to use it in every aspect of their tiny childish life: for having meals, for studying, for playing with toys, for drawing and coloring.

Zaqout completed his speech with mixed feeling: " my three daughters beside my wife were clustering round my arms every time I back home. They were my support and comfort. And for their comfort, I dream of opening a small carpentry for our living", yet it will be big of the passion and hardworking he will give despite the problems in his nerves.