Skype Meeting with Canadian Activist about Palestinian Cause

02 - Oct - 2019


English department hosts Prof. Peter Lareson on a skype meeting to discuss the challenges that face Palestinian discourse in Canada at IUG Lhidan Building on 1st of October.

According to Prof. Mosher Amer, Head of English Department; this meeting has a great importance in understanding and studying the Canadian public opinion towards the Palestinian cause so that can help evaluate the nature of Palestinian discourse in the west.

Prof. Lareson discussed several factors that have weakened the Canadian public opinion about Palestine, some of which boiled down to the un-unified Palestinian media that reaches Canadians, and to the limited minorities of Palestinians in Canada if compared to the numbers of Jews who have made a good propaganda for Zionism there. However, he shed some light on the initiative movements that he took and is taking to bring the real Palestinian characteristics to light.

Different questions aroused by attendees during the panel discussion, most of them inquired " why is it difficult to change the Canadian public opinion about Palestine?", Prof. Lareson summarized his answers that Israel was so effective in presenting itself to the world, specially Canadians.

Prof. Lareson concluded his speech calling for young people to invest in their English language on social media platforms that, in a direct way, can export the good narrative of Palestine in the western societies. In addition, he recommended reading anti-colonial books like those written by Nelson Mandela.

Commenting on the speech, Prof. Mosher said that Palestinians are not the only to be blamed, however, they have to be unified and develop a directed media, assuring the role of the Palestinian youth to win the world's support for the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.