By Khaled and Abdulrahman

New Academic Year: Seniors' Diary

09 - Sep - 2019

Excuse me for a sec, could you please tell me where I can find (K, P, M, ETC) Building?”  is a question that is always asked by the new students, freshmen, of any university. It became more of a funny topic that all talk about at the beginning of every educational year; senior and junior students actually make fun of the freshmen out of this well-known issue. Why does exactly this happen?

 “When I was freshman student, I was scared and a little nervous at the very beginning of the semester for a plethora of reasons. First, university is totally different from the environment that I have come from. I mean in school, there was that place that you already know, you never get lost, and everything is cool. University, in turn, is this huge massive place that has dozens of buildings, a lot of class rooms, and thousands of students of different places with different ages and majors. By the way, I can still remember the first day when I told myself "huh, c'mon, you will never ever remember all these buildings, except cafeteria for sure. Therefore, I had to take time to adjust myself to the university system without getting lost or asking older students to guide me to what I had to do.” @Abdulrahman Qannan, a senior student in the Islamic University of Gaza, telling his experience at the beginning of his college phase.

Different from his close classmate, Khalid Dader narrated his own experience when he was a freshman student back to 2016. “Here I am a senior student at the Islamic University of Gaza, having this subtle feeling about the university that is totally different from the feeling I had when I was a freshmen, and also different from the feeling I had when I was both sophomore and junior because when being a senior means you are about to graduate. The last year, the most exhausting and loveable year at the same time, is something that weighs the past three years. I feel kind of stupid when I think about how I reacted to the university at the first day for me at it. I mean things like being scared, nervous, and getting lost should not be the things a freshman student feel. For example, when I peruse for MA, in the future, I will absolutely not react or feel nervous or sacred or lost even if I am going to enroll in a new university.  It is because I feel so excited when I am about to phase in a new thing, for life and any part of it is like a quest we get involved in, and the smartest ones are the ones getting out with the most new ways of thinking and perspectives gained and earned by the new people you meet in that new thing or phase.”

Bottom line, four years are technically a long time yet in university they go like a blink of an eye. No matter how much hard time you spend in these four years, the joy and the happiness of graduation will, for sure, make it up for you.