Conclusion of EAST Programme for Virtual Mobility

27 - Aug - 2019

The Director of (EAST) Project Mr. Bell form the University of Glasgow, insisted on the effectiveness of the programme and its importance at the students' level, confirming to make the project long live and continue the exchange of experiences between IUG students and their peers.

In Partnership with the University of Glasgow in Britain, IUG has concluded on Wednesday 12 Aug. the training programme "English for Academic Study Telecollaboration (EAST)", one of the virtual mobility progrms that is adopted by the university. This is the fifth version of the programme and meant to be in partnership with Glasgow University.

EAST programme aims at strengthening communication and interaction among the enrolled students by using the English language. In this five-weeks programme, students got to comprehensively know about the problems of Gaza, working within common groups to develop suitable solutions for them with ultimate benefit from foreign practices. This way helps enhance problem solving skills and technology use in resolving the crisis.

About (170) students from the University of Glasgow and (60) students from Islamic University have enrolled and participated in this fifth programme. The participation from the Islamic University were students and graduates from the Faculty of Engineering, IT, Science, Health Sciences, and Administrative Sciences.

This programme occurs in light of the great global tendency towards effectively activating the virtual training programs and interaction so that contributes to rounding the views and finding common solutions to the local and global problems.