40th Anniversary of Islamic University Inception

19 - Aug - 2019

"Over 40 years, IUG has strongly approved its share of accomplishments in the field of education. The history of Islamic University, since birth till now, embodies its struggle for a remarkable burst of growth" this was the opening statement of the #IUG40 ceremony delivered by the Former President of the Board of Trustees Prof. Jamal Khodari.  

On Sunday 6 Pm, the IUG Conference Hall was heeded piled of hundreds of academics and administrative members alongside the former and current IUG presidency as well as the Board of Trustees Presidency who all flocked eagerly to respond on the IUG call of attending the #IUG40 anniversary of the university inception " Journey of Struggle and Story of Success ".

This ceremony comes to honor the IUG personnel and academics on their ceaselss quest to supplement the university with the most out of their efforts. The first day of the ceremony had gathered the academics with the IUG higher administration as to re-strengthen their affiliation to the University. The series of activities will continue a week ahead, gathering journalists, managers, leaders of parties, businessmen, big companies and institutions in one outstanding stage to all testimony the greatness of this University.   

The IUG current president Prof. Nasser Farahat confirmed: "Despite the difficult circumstances and successive challenges, the University has been leading the education in Gaza since ages, offering new disciplines that could serve the labor market. Today our university has become an essential source of rising up the Palestinian human in terms of the vocational, knowledgeable and intellectual aspects".

Reaching the age of 40 marked more than an anniversary for the Islamic University. While the occasion is celebrated with a flurry of preparations and activities, the gorgeous event was to launch the exhibition of "Journey of Struggle and Story of Success" with a remarkable documentation of IUG history over forty years. The exhibition revives the old ages of Islamic University, where the tents were the first incubation of students and teachers. These small tents had graduated a number of students who are now holding highly considerable positions in Palestine. The walls of the exhibition tell about the phases of the educational, academic, research and constructional development of the university over 40 years. Moreover, some graduates have presented their pioneer graduation projects that inclined to be universal one day.  

"Today we cherish 40 years of struggle. We have built, over years of hard working, a web of communication and partnerships with more than 265 universities and academic institutions around the globe", the President of the Board of Trustees Prof. Nasser Almzaini clarified.

40 years in which major academic and research facilities have been constructed, the curriculum expanded and adjusted to meet recent students' needs; IUG accoladed from a wide variety of states and national agencies for excellence in several areas.