Irada Graduates: Outstanding Performance Praised by Operators

04 - Aug - 2019

"The work is a necessary step to get the most out of the trainees", said one of the operator.

The Irada team has kicked off several field trips to follow up the work of persons with disabilities who benefitied from the project "Employment of Youth and Women in the Gaza Strip" in the southern and Middle area. The project has been funded by the Swiss Agency and implemented under the supervision of UNDP / PAPP.

The temporary employment is one of the important activities of the project which aims at facilitating the graduates with disabilities get connected with the labor market and get networking with the operators. Throughout the project, 45 persons with mobility impairment were temporarily employed in Gazans companies and workshops. They work in various fields such as sewing, graphic design, winding and maintaining electric motors, smart phones maintenance.

Commenting on Irada's visit, one of the operators said: "The work is a necessary step to get the most out of the trainees".

During the Irada's visits, the teamwork affirmed that the working atmospheres were tremendous and suited the trainee's conditions. In turn, the graduates showed high commitment of attendance and of tasks requested from them to do. The operators praised the performance of Irada's trainee, expressing their satisfaction on the quality of work.

The " Employment of Women and Youth in the Gaza Strip" project is the third of its kind implemented by the Irada Center and funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and under the supervision of UNDP/PAPP. This support comes in belief of offering equal opportunities for all people of disability and get rid of the poverty and unemployment rates among women and young people with disabilities in the Gaza Strip.