Distinction in Higher Education Skills For Academics in Gaza

31 - Jul - 2019

Academic Excellence Unit Commences the first training programme for academics "Distinction in Higher Education Skills"

The IUG Academic Excellence Unit followed to the Quality and Development Deanship has held an information meeting on the first-ever- in Gaza training programme, entitled "Distinction Higher Education Skills, which aims at feeding the competencies and skills of the academics with the Finnish experiences.

The Vice-President for Academic Affairs Prof. Salem Hilles indicated that this project is indeed the product of a TAU-IUG fruitful convention. The project has been one of the most significant activities regarding the project of "Development of Pedagogical Practices in Palestinian Higher Education", funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland.

This program is centered on enhancing students' participation in the educational process, creating a convenient learning environment, featuring the higher education characteristics, and improving teaching abilities and skills. The Project is held by loads of trainers and academics who had sufficiently been trained by Finnish experts for 190 hours. As a result, the trainers will be keen on transferring the Finnish experience to the Palestinian universities.  Prof. Elyan Al-Holy said: " the project will be filled with the practical training".

Throughout the Gaza strip, 126 trainees will participate in sixty-hour project as they will be divided into five groups. The project starts on 3rd Aug, 2019 and ends on 29th Aug, 2019. A certified certificate from both universities will be granted to the trainees as Prof. Holy asserted. 

The Director of e-training programme, Prof. Nazmi AL-Masri illustrated, via skype-meeting, the phases and outcomes of the project. He noted out that the project went through five processes: featuring the skills needed for understanding the nature of the educational process, designing a TOT programme for the sake of building specialists in the higher education, training 16 IUG academics by the Finnish team, disseminating the educational knowledge which the IUG academics have acquired, and evaluating the programme and concluding its findings and recommendations.

He continued: The project resulted in participations of IUG academics in international conferences, publications of mutual international research papers, equipping a computer lab, and establishing the Academic Excellence Unit supervised by the Quality and Development Deanship.  

In the course of presenting the experiences, Prof. Faten Abu Shoqa, PhD in mathematics and trained by the Finnish team, displayed her experience of developing General Mathematics Course for primary education students. She has revealed that using innovative teaching methods has raised the attendance regarding the classes.