Erasmus Student

A Chance Which is a Luxury for Imagination

23 - Jul - 2019


To be the one who you love to be. To hit every opportunity with self-adventure. You, readers, are the only who can shape your destiny but any trial will come with a price. If you believe you're a successful then that's what you will become. However, there will be too much at stake.

A medical student had made his mind to thrive in one of ever-fruitful opportunities he dreamt of one day. He was hesitant, somehow, about the matter of borders as a human physically lives in Gaza, but spiritually has been prowling the whole world; the universities, the hospitals, his worldwide peers and the patients.

Muhannad Qweider, the dreamy of best chances, studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Islamic University whose name popped up from the list of students who applied for Erasmus mobility Programme. Muhannad spent a five-months international exchange at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, here is his experience.

Another Life at Borders

Since leaving home, there were loads of hindrances confronted Muhanned, starting from the patience he ran out of at the crossing, moving to the frozen time he was crawling through at the waiting halls, reaching to Spain where he was roped by the cultural and language differences. "I always thought about the Egypt crossing as a ONE-WAY trip, which swallows a passerby. But with providence we managed to return and the experience was worth its trouble." the Erasmus student expressed!

   "Golden chances aren't easy, but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced"

When Dr. Muhanned was asked about his feeling at Spain, he said " it grows the seeds of hope and confidence in me". Seemingly, it was indescribable unique experience. On the cognitive side, and within the various cultural and cognitive activities outside the University, he had been exposed to disciplines, creeds, and attitudes by meeting with loads of students. The diversity of cultures mingled with languages had vividly twinkled in his mind while communicating with people there. This permitted him to express and produce ideas relying on what suits the place he where in. Consequently, he was able to engage different educational and social environment than he used to. He developed relationships, built new channels of communication, visited as much medical places as he could. "I felt that many souls were born in my chest and many ideas were brought about in my mind," Muhanned confirmed.

New ways paved

On the medical side, the visit had paved his ways to be such an enlightened doctor. He thought: "I have benefited immensely from the fact that the medical field there is more sophisticated than ours. Therefore, I have the chance to see many quality operations that it was for my imagination a luxury that I will never afford in my whole life in Gaza". Unlike Spain, Gaza is confided with the lack of possibilities mostly technological which banned students from having higher limits for their disciplines.


Islamic University was and still a mother to all its students. It was and still the creativity provoker for every person who would like to the ladder of success. "Islamic University has the privilege of getting the opportunity to exchange, and for its continued attentive care to the cultural and cognitive expansion of its sons I'm wholeheartedly thanking every person working there."