Miles of Smiles Convoy Supports Students During Visit to IUG

13 - Jul - 2019

The 37 Miles of Smiles Convoy visits IUG with generous support for students and the university.

A decent delegation from the Miles of Smiles Convoy has managed to reach the Islamic University this day with a strong determination to support Gaza people, break the siege and well stand by the IUG students and IUG Irada persons with disabilities.

Praising the Islamic University role in serving the education, the president of the convoy Dr. Essam Youssef showed his ceaseless support to IUG during meeting with IUG president and professors at the IUG VIP Hall this morning 13 July 2019: "We are working on empowering the students for continuing their study and find a suitable job after graduation", Dr. Youusef added, " This is my call for our delegation members to take the students' issues in their consideration".

The decent delegation has included the president of the convoy Dr. Essam Youssef-from Britain- accompanied with his deputy Khaled Youssef-from Sweden- as well as Mr. Abdullah Al-Sultan-from Kuwait- in addition to Muhsinat group from Jordan: the president Em Anas and her deputy Em Tareq.

When she was asked about her mission for accompanying the Convoy, the president of Muhsinat group from Jordan Em Anas assured " This visit resulted in funding 18 medical students and other 68 students whom their graduation certificates are suspended in addition to launching the olive trees' project at IUG,"

The visiting delegation has been impressed by the topnotch training programs which launched at Irada center and dedicated for persons with disabilities with a view to making them integrated into the society. "For IUG persons with disabilities, we have adopted equipping a training workshop for cars' maintenance" Em Tarq added.