IUG Wins MENA's Digital Education and Research Project

08 - Jul - 2019

For achieving sustainable development in MENA, IUG is the main applicant for a project supports Digital Education.

The Islamic University- Gaza has recently won a brand-new project entitled, "Digital Education and Research for the Middle East and North Africa Regions-MENA", which got funded through the programme: cooperation groups with Swiss universities in the southern world (CLOCs).

This project aims at supporting the educational process and scientific research pool by establishing a 12-university network gathering Swiss Universities and the universities of Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Iran, and Morocco in one platform.

This network is set on three groundwork. First, Joint Digital Education which encourages using the models developed within European frameworks to strengthen utilizing technology in the educational process. This will be done through connecting all resources and services together for reaching opened educational resources and socially directed environment. Second, Teaching Engineering which focuses on the development and implementation of the innovative education in the fields of electrical, computer and mechanical engineering inside the digital infrastructures. Third, Peacebuilding and Gender Diversity, in which the project ultimate outputs will be dedicated to bringing much sustainability to the universities' partnerships. All project's outputs will be designed to take into account gender differences and conflict.

It is important to mention that reaching digital education and research is a necessary step for achieving sustainable development's goals; especially the fourth goal which means at the educational quality; and the ninth goal which deals with the industry, innovation, and infrastructure, taking into consideration the gender sensitiveness and differences.

The various project's activities will be implemented within a year and a half, where the network center will be located at Saint Joseph University in Lebanon.

It is worth noting that the Islamic University is implementing 42 international projects now and in partnership with more than (100) universities from Palestine, the Arab region, the European Union and Latin America.