Erasmus Student

A Joke Could Mean Travel

08 - Jul - 2019


"Being a student at the University of Glasgow, I felt I have reached the peak of love for knowledge. A peak that never declines".

From afar, she gazed on the bygone days of her beloved Gaza and felt as if these days were the initiating spark that led to burning the fuel of this journey to reap the fruit of knowledge. "I never forget those benevolent IUG instructors who are forever teaching us how to patiently plant our seeds and reap our fruits wherever lies our grove". As for the previous one, the new grove granted her shadows that unconditionally preserved her from the strikes of ignorance. And paved her ways towards new worlds of education.

"All voices were calling the STUDENT".

Notwithstanding all efforts of instructors of the hometown, this University of Glasgow has instructed much more confidence inside Afnan Harara. Since the course was based on the students' own analysis, no matter how trivial or tiny it is; it will be taken seriously. This has astonished her and filled her heart with joy, her mind with energy, her soul with heavenly power and most importantly her spirit with confidence. As if seeing "student" inscribed on the walls of the university. As if all voices were calling the student. The books, the board, the stage were calling the student to commence any interpretation.

The Glasgow atmosphere was pushing everybody's stimulation to do the best. To be as proudly as enough to be the representative of the original university, " And For me, I reaped the excellence fruits that our IUG instructors have already planted".

"Meeting a parliament member lifted my soul to heaven"

A way from the family. A way from the home. My longing has charged full, however, "thanks to God who has united us with Ms. Sandra White, a Scotland parliament member, whose embrace has lifted my soul from the homesickness as if embracing my mother", said passionately the IUG student Afnan.

Sunrise, Ms. Sandra White urged to seize the opportunity to pay a visit to the parliament. Therefore, Afnan and her colleagues well understood what it means to be a member of the parliament. A member there means to foresee the ordeals, to anticipate the consequences and to wholeheartedly try overcoming them.

Afnan's visit was drawn to an end, meanwhile, she and her colleagues were accompanying a professor's wife, befriended her, and with her account, they were tourists heading to the historical castle of Scotland that now is the best-known castle in Edinburgh. Everything in Glasgow was fascinating; Alas, the days there have died yet memories were unfolded in Afnan's heart.

"Lying on my couch, I was laughing. You know why? I laughed while I was recalling the moment when I conversed with my dearest dear cousin. I beamingly remained in a sacred silence on witnessing this joke as a realized potential". As she completed: this joke was at the shoreline of the Gaza, where she saw hope vanishing to another world. Disturbed in mind, she wondered why shall she study and waste her days of youth in Gaza? Gaza, the occupied territory that keeps no security to its besieged bodies, yet its free souls dare to dream.

One day, her cousin was surfing the internet, she stumbled with an Erasmus students' mobility opportunity that the IUG External Relations was offering. She mentioned Afnan for giving it a try. "Stop kidding, I replied to her comment with my mind seeing nothing serious with this thing" Afnan expressed.

"However, even jokes sometimes happen to be the truth. It is a sin not to hope, Afnan. Try it and you will be a student at Glasgow University. One day. You will. Amen," replied Afnan's cousin.

It was unexpectedly truth. Reader, I graduated in the age of twenty, after three years and a half of studying with my lovely comrade, Fatima. And I beheld my dream realized before my very eyes. And my family's eyes. And everything under heaven's eyes celebrated with me.