Energy-Efficient Buildings in Gaza: New Prospects

03 - Jul - 2019

A training Programme resulted from CBEEB Project to promote energy-efficient building in Gaza.

The Engineering Faculty teaming up with the Palestinian Engineers Syndicate have commenced a training programme on designation of energy-efficient buildings in Gaza. This 24-hours programme has been carried out through the activities of Appear project entitled, " Capacity Building for Energy- Efficient Buildings".

The training programme has been established with a view to train as large numbers of engineering graduates and privet-sector personnel as possible and train them on the techniques of constructing and designing energy-efficient buildings in the Gaza Strip. The training also aims at disseminating the awareness about designing energy-efficient building as a new style of building's designation in a way that could alleviate the power cut crisis in Gaza.

The dimensions of the programme have included several topics: Introduction to Energy Efficient Buildings, Sustainable Urban Planning, Solar Architecture, Building Materials and Thermal Insulation, Renewable Energy applications, PV Design and Installation, Energy Efficient HVAC.

When he was asked about the course, the Project's director Prof. Ahmed Muhaisen said: we are trying to build and strengthen much more capacities in the field of energy-efficient buildings. This course comes to support the vision of increasing people's tendency towards developing a sustainable urban environment in Palestine. Furthermore, it serves the new opened vocational diploma in energy efficient building which has been recently accreditied by the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission (AQAC).

"Our future endeavors will multiply to create a researchers' pool that help promote ideas' dissemination in favor of this field," Prof. Muhaisen confirmed.