BA in Marketing and E-Commerce Accredited Now at IUG

11 - Jun - 2019

AQAC accredits Bachelor degree in Marketing and E-Commerce at Islamic University-Gaza

The Dean of faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Prof. Mohammed Miqdad declared in an interview that "this discipline is the first of its kind in Palestine, in which the students will be provided with 128 credited hours".

Bachelor degree in Marketing and E-Commerce has been recently accredited by the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission (AQAC) at the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education as to be open soon in 2019-2020 academic semester.

This programme has been created with a view to rehabilitate big numbers of specialists in the field of Business Management and E-Commerce which will focus mainly on marketing strategies, web design for business matters, management of technologies in the organization as well as IP problems in e-commerce. Ultimately, the graduates would be fully aware of the mechanism of upgrading e-commerce. Most importantly, they would have a deep understanding in promoting the organization's products across the virtual world.


Prof. Miqdad asserted that the objectives of launching the programme can be summarized in the following: Understanding business management-related concepts such as marketing, finance, accounting, etc. In addition to discussing modern technical methods and systems related to business, e-commerce, knowledge management and virtual organizations' management. Furthermore, it attaches great attention to the development of the Internet infrastructure, global information network technologies and computerized systems.

This programme sets the students sight on utilizing the internet in finding new solutions for business companies to grow their activities through E-commerce. These activities include the process of promotion, advertisement, e-marketing, selling and purchasing, cooperative trade, electronic auctions, secure payment systems, order execution and tracking systems, as well as safety and protection systems and other electronic business processes.


When Prof. Miqdad was asked about the programme's targeted group, he said: " All students from secondary schools, Diploma, BA from other accredited universities are welcome in the Programme".


The reliable groundworks of this programme are the professional academic staff who are capable of employing the best techniques and methods of teaching in a good scientific environment aided by the library and computer labs. The specialists and academic staff will harness the developed teaching methods and some techniques such as Web CT, LCD and PowerPoint to polish the students' competences and build for them a solid background in freelancing and marketing and e-commerce field.

 Graduates' Work Places 

Due to the large numbers of non-governmental institutions in Gaza, it has been indispensable to serve the societal needs for holders of BA in E-Commerce and Marketing. As to enroll in the programme, students will be working on online customers' relationship management, Internet content management and social networking; in addition to web analytics marketing, e-advertising campaign management, product management, e-promotion management, public relations, sales, marketing studies and research, design Brand management, freelancing and the creation of entrepreneurial ventures.