From Finland to Gaza, A Visit to Support People With Disability

25 - May - 2019


Finnish delegation stands in solidarity with IUG persons of disabilities during visit to Irada Center.

A high- level delegation from Finland accompanied with a delegation from UNDP has paid a visit to IUG Irada Center with the purpose of inspecting the center's services and fresh projects, namely the vocational training followed to a project entitled, "Empowerment of Women and Youth in the Gaza Strip" which has been funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and under the oversight of UNDP.

The Swiss Project "Empowerment of Women and Youth in the Gaza Strip" has been specially provided for people with disability in the Gaza strip to let them flourish in the society and start their start-up projects with good income in return. The project includes four main disciplines: Sewing, Designing & Marketing, Maintenance of Smart Devices & Phones in addition to Motor Winding and Maintenance of Electric Motors. About 45 persons with movement impairment have been benefited from this project, some of them have really started their own business thanks to Irada vocational training. The project is unfolded for three patches which continue over six months: the training patch, the temporal employment, and last the incubation of start-ups. 

This visit came as initial step towards commencing brand-new networking and cooperation between Finland and UNDP through recognizing the UNDP projects carried out in Irada Center, the main partner of UNDP.

During the visit, the delegation has met with the students of disabilities at Irada and got to know thoroughly about their physical situation and progress in the vocational training in a close look. The delegation's members were keen to know the students' motivation for joining Irada. Most of answers can be boiled down to the helpful services and encouraging atmosphere that Irada provides for them.

The center's success in Micro Franchise Model in sewing, which has offered a number of sustainable jobs for trainees in hearing and movement impairment, was the spotlight. It has enabled the trainees to design the graduation gowns and nursing caps for IUG students. In this regard, a host of success stories were presented by some trainees who started to market their skills and products after being aided by Irada through integration in the business market. Areej Abu Mualiq from Sewing discipline thanked the visiting delegation for their support and confirmed that she aspires to set off her own project.

"We stand in solidarity with you, strong youth in Gaza," said one of delegation's members.