Erasmus Student

The City that Triggers My Dream

11 - May - 2019


For him, Erasmus Programme was the hub that encapsulated all the ambition of travelling. He enrolled, through the IUG Foreign Affairs, to the academic mobility without knowing where the chess would perch the king. He proposed for the programme, and Italy was the hosting country. 

Mohammed Habib Al-Kabariti is an MA Student from L'Aquila University, Bachelor in Architectural Engineering from Islamic University- Gaza, and a fan of challenge and reading.   

 For the most part of Mohammed's journey, Italy was conforming his desires. From one perspective, Italy is filled with rich architectural treasures which means that he would put his hands on the precious chance to conduct a plenty of researches and make him trip around places that he adores most. These places would, as an architect, let him put the microscope on every single stone and experience the meaning of being real architict. From the other perspective, he intended to be loyal to the knowledge he finished at IUG, thus, MA degree was the first and last priority after graduation. What has brought life to his journey was that the Italian L'Aquila university was providing MA Programme in Architectural Engineering through Erasmus Programme. Actually, not metaphorically, it was a golden chance!

"For me, studying in Italy was the best chance I have ever gained in life".

By landing on L'Aquila, Eng. Kabariti, as a foreign student, was mostly welcomed by a number of volunteers whom he met first at the International Relations Office in Italy. These volunteers are local students who had aided him fulfilling accommodation matters and, by time, he developed with them a good relationship throughout his presence in Italy. 

 One of the first dozens of good hard activities he indulged in during his journey was submitting his time for the Italian language courses. On having this opportunity, mobility students' experience, as for him, paved his ways towards various aspects of life, making integration clear with other Erasmus students who were sharing him the same interest; meanwhile, partaking the indigenous their lifestyle and cultural attitude. 

"Once I mastered the Italian language, I felt the doors open  to befriend with Italian students."

Encountering the new language difficulty, he, Mohammed, decided to join courses in order to have better communication with Italian people. He felt joyous on participating in other extracurricular activities. These activities were the rain that watering down his studying stress. He sounded super relieved when he paid several visits to other cities in Italy, letting himself be enlightened and exposed to other perceptions.

" Many times I have learned new things from foreigners, but this experience has allowed me to play the role of the donor."

Living in a multicultural society was unique for him. He seized this opportunity to the wellbeing of his nation; he was an image for his people and country. His countenance, smiles and good behavior proved that his nation is a great one. All those aims were the aims of this student now and then, and all thanks to Erasmus program that empowered his endeavor.