Information Workshop On HEI ICI Programme

04 - May - 2019

The Deanship of Foreign Affairs has convened an information workshop on the HEI ICI Programme, Higher Education Institutions through Institutional Cooperation Instrument, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support the partnerships between Finnish HEI and HEIs in developing countries.

The main goal of this programme is to fortify the capacity of HEI in the global south for the sake of employing relevant and accessible higher education that would serve larger numbers of students in partner universities.

The programme's outcome will improve good institutional management and teaching capacity in HEIs partner countries in a way that can solve the learning crisis and social and technical innovations for employability.

The process of application

This program will definitely lead to widening the access to the higher education and will also lead to a higher budget and financial support for the years 2020-2024. The two-stage application will include about 7-20 projects to be selected for the programme from different countries, one applicant and 2 HEIs partners at least.

 The online application process is conducted in two phases: first stage is the call for proposals, the second is the call for final applications. The deadline for the first stage call for proposals is 23rd August 2019, while the second phase will precisely contain the project documents, the results framework, the risk analysis matrix, the work plan and budget in addition to the key expert forms.