Senior Student From Siena University Commences Studying At IUG

07 - Feb - 2019

"I expect to learn much more about the emergency surgery here in Gaza instead of the emergency surgery in Siena because here, unfortunately, there are more causalities instead of Italy", said Ricardo

 Ricardo Cordine is a senior medical student from Siena University who got his way to Erasmus+ programme with the aspiration to indulge in a different experience for a full academic semester.  He enrolled in the mobility programme to be here as one of IUG students and trainee & trainer at Gaza hospitals.

"I will learn a lot about this subject here in Gaza in Islamic University", he added.

As becoming one of IUG students, Ricardo is supposed to take a studying plan clarified of main medical subjects that he will be studying through the semester at IUG.  Furthermore, he will commence his career in Emergency Surgery accompanied with IUG medical students at Gaza hospitals, treating causalities by his own expertise and getting benefit from the new cases he has not dealt with ever before.

 "I will report all of this knowledge and experience to my colleagues and teachers in Italy", Ricardo assured.

He, Ricardo, desires to get more about the emergency surgery here because Gaza is reckoned the city of causalities due to wars, so the learning and the practical environment are so fertile for him.

In an interview with Ricardo, the Dean of International Relations Prof. Ahmed Muhaisen showed a great welcome and deep appreciation on Ricardo's existence in IUG. Introducing International Relations, He marked on the office's coordination for the project in terms of the administration work, from the point of signing agreements to facilitating traveling issues to other universities. Prof. Muhaisen also praised the IUG-Siena memorandums of understanding that have been developed under the supervision of Erasmus Programme.

Erasmus+ Programme offers students the chance of a lifetime to travel to partner universities for the sake of intensifying knowledge and living a new scientific life filled with accomplishments and success; which must be in cooperation with people who share the same goal but different nationality and situation.