2018: A Year In Review

05 - Jan - 2019

Over 40 years ago, the Islamic University was founded on the principles of excellence and has dedicated to promoting deep understanding and nourishing knowledge to provide the highest quality of education. Day after day, IUG has obsessed with advancement and transformation from channels of local cooperation to global bridges of communication and understanding with foreign universities. 

During 2018, there have been multiple accomplishments to serve the community and youth such as signing agreements, getting into mobility projects and bolstering the scientific research to be acting as a base of sustainable development. This has secured its national and international recognition unpatrolled with other established institutions in Gaza. 

By this wide-spreading success, IUG has become Palestinian's leading academic institution. According to UniRank, IUG topped Palestinian universities and ranked (29) in the Arab World. Today, the Islamic University celebrates its ever-growing academic year of 2018. Let's have a look back at the mobility projects, Awards, visits, partnerships that defined Islamic University in 2018.


IUG is committed to being a purposeful university of unlimited potentials that can compete in international regards and succeed in receiving fellowships at partner universities. In the field of Medicine, Prof. Khamis Elsee- first in Arab World- receives an Honorary Fellowship from Oxford University in Evidence-based Medicine. 

From Mathematics, Prof. Faten Abu Shoqa wins a fellowship of loreal UNESCO for women in science 2018. The Associate professor of TOFEL & Curriculum Development at English Department Prof. Nazmi El Masri receives a research fellowship from the University of Durham. Moreover, IUG participates in the establishment of a new international union for universities. Finally, Heba Al-Farra, IUG Graduate, wins-young champion of the earth- west Asia: "As women, we must lead change and drive environmental, social, and economic development".

Mobility Projects

Erasmus+ is one of the international mobility funded projects that let academics and students thrive and flourish in new open-minded experience. For many of whom, this is a chance to get the benefit and be immersed in multi-cultural communities around the globe.  2018 Witnessed a high level of academic and administrative mobility from Islamic University to European universities. For instance, there were 20 students Commenced their studying at Oxford University for one semester or one academic year. 

Also, the Deaf Students had the chance to go and be hosted by Humboldt University, Germany. Related to academic mobility, Prof. Adnan Al-Hindi receives an invitation from the University of Salford to conduct his Research in Epidemiology field. In addition, Director of Disability Services and an academician from engineering faculty had a training program in a University of Humboldt and Santigo, respectively.


Many delegations-local & foreign- have been received during the year along either to know about the university's history, to oversee projects, to discuss further partnerships, to support scientific research, or boost students by scholarships all lead to strengthening the university communication schemes.

· Deputy Special Coordinator For The Middle East Peace Process Mr. Jimie Mcgoldrake: "It's great to see people who are living under difficult circumstances in Gaza got the opportunity to have life, taking Care of their families. For us, this makes a big difference".

· Academic Delegation from Oxford University Visits IUG.



Pioneer projects

· In collaboration with the University of Glasgow, IUG Launches "Arabic From Palestine" project to teach non-native speakers the Arabic Language.


-The first of its kind in Palestine: IUG Inaugurates the Project "Wave Energy Conversion System" to convert the kinetic energy of sea waves into electrical energy.

· Furthermore, IUG inaugurates Women's studies center to discuss and support projects of women enablement.

· Finally, IUG employees launch the University Student Endowment Fund with a foundation amount of $300, 000 to support students in need.


IUG is a fertile learning environment and a vibrant hub of development that keeps pace with updated learning schemes around the globe.