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New Project To Accelerate "Online Arabic From Palestine" Impacts

26 - Nov - 2018

In collaboration with the University of Glasgow, The IUG Arabic Center started working on a new project, entitled "Accelerating the Impact of the Online Arabic From Palestine Language Course". The project seeks to accomplish four main goals: A) develop the teacher's guide of " Online Arabic From Palestine" Programme which was launched last September, B) establish an effective Arabic-learning website for "Arabic from Palestine" Programme, C) strengthen the language capacity of the center through rehearsing (15) teachers majored in Arabic and English. D) Publish and market the "Arabic from Palestine" Programme through implementing seminars, workshops, information day, and lectures in both Palestine and Britain. As a result, the course can be more reached to interested people from all governmental, non-governmental institutions (NGOs), lawful organizations dealing with refugees in UK and Gaza.

The joint project is run by Prof. Giovanna Fassetta from Glasgow leading the specialist team: Prof. Alison Phipps, Prof. Maria Grazia Imperiale, and prof. Lauren Roberts, the project coordinator, and from Islamic University the project director Prof. Nazmi Al-Masri leading the team gathered designers, trainers, coordinators, specialists in the technology field.

The project Director Prof. Al-Masri talked that Last week witnessed a series of Skype meetings between the two universities, discussing the mechanism and plan of implementing the project, the tasks each team responsible for, and finally the will-be-implemented activities to achieve the goals of the project.

The new project will reinforce the role of "Online Arabic From Palestine" in spreading the Arabic Language outside the university with well-paid wages. The good thing that the Programme found a good demand from foreign students, which can open a wide window for the rehearsed teachers to work online, as Prof. Nazmi clarified.

Prof. Husam Ayesh, the director of the Continuation Learning and Development, reported that this project is not the first of- its- kind cooperation between the two universities. There were many pioneering projects such as prepare researcher using several languages project and  Oback project that had " Arabic From Palestine for Beginners" in Sep. 2018 as an output. These projects contribute to raising the performance of the Arabic center and doing face-to-face or online training as possible as a large number of foreign students get the benefit.

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