The First International Conference Of Health Sciences Faculty

08 - Oct - 2018

Under Patronage of IESCO Malaysia, IUG Faculty of Health Sciences held its First International Conference at the University Conference Hall in cooperation with the Advanced Company and the International Eye Center. The work of the Conference is scheduled to continue on Saturday and Sunday, 6-7 Oct. 2018

The event was attended by IUG President Prof. Nasser Farahat, the Dean of Health Sciences Faculty Prof. Adnan El Hindi, and the Chairman of the Conference Scientific Committee Prof. Abdelraouf El Manama, the Chairman of the Conference Preparatory Committee Prof. Mazen Al-Zaharna.

The first session was attended by the Assistant Undersecretary for Higher Education Affairs Dr. Ayman Alyazuore, alongside members of IUG Boards of Trustees and representatives of health institutions and local universities. In addition to a host of physicians working at the fields of Laboratory Medicine, Physiotherapy, Optics, Nutrition and Public Health, plus professional and interested people, members of the academic and administrative bodies, and students from Health Sciences Faculty.

IUG President Prof. Nasser Farahat explained that Health Sciences Faculty is a pioneer of its academics, programs, and labs and always keeps pace with every new. He praised the topnotch momentum of information given at the sessions, mentioning its critical value in resolving Health sector crises. He hoped that the decision makers, precisely, would benefit from the outputs of the conference so that they can improve the quality of services provided by the sector and find solutions for the sector's problems due to the severe shortage of medical supplies.

Prof. Al-Hindi stressed that this scientific demonstration reflects the effort made by scholars and researchers to support the practical research in Palestine, noting that the conference is held in participation with dozens of international, local, and regional scholars and researchers.

Prof. Dr. Al-Hindi spoke in some detail about the establishment of the Health Sciences Faculty, the disciplines it offers, its scientific and professional labs, the scientific activities it implements, and the agreements it holds, as well as the training of cadres in the basics of scientific research.

Prof. Al-zaharna noted that the conference aims at achieving a number of objectives: A) gather scholars and researchers in a distinguished scientific meeting to exchange experiences, information, and ideas and to present the latest research, B) promote cooperation between local, regional, and international universities in the fields of scientific research, C) examine health problems in the Palestinian environment and other environments.

The inaugural session featured two scientific lectures. The first lecture was with Prof. Adib Al Zoubi, the director of the Arab Center for STEM cells in Amman/Jordan. He talked about using STEM cells in the treatment of incurable diseases.

The University of Salford represented by Dr. Sam Grogan, Pro-Vice Chancellor, UK, had a special participation at the second scientific lecture. Dr. Grogan spoke, in a recorded video, about the necessity of acquiring some specialized skills that, as he assured, will enable students to face the challenges of the technological revolution very well. He clarified that acquiring very good skills will lead to a successful application of knowledge and thus build up professional and technical capabilities that will reach professional and personal productivity.