Development of IUG Manual Of Processes

09 - May - 2018

IUG Quality and Development Center has opened a project, entitled “Development of IUG Manual of Processes” aims at providing a detailed manual for the ongoing administrative procedures happen at every department which can save efforts and time, and accelerate the processes being carried out at the university.

In his speech, the Dean of the Quality and Development Deanship Prof. Mohammed Al-Hanjuri pointed out that the manual of procedures allows IUG personnel to be updated with the processes being held at every department in a way that achieves transparency and equity.

He continued, "The deanship first carried out some activities to facilitate accomplishing the manual such as nominating departments for delegates, paying a field visit to inform about the terms of the manual, and providing a logistical support, as well as doing training courses to help speed up the work’s achievements”.

Prof. Hanguri noted that the deanship is waiting for the initial version of the manual that will cover all processes and evaluate their performance which can facilitate putting a united strategy for all departments.

He reported that the manual would be completed and painted in July 2018, then distributed to all cooperating institutions and universities with the Islamic University.  "The manual is the first draft of the re-engineering of processes’ project. It is a step toward computing procedures through providing a database that saves time and effort of users."