Research Visit To Qatar

07 - May - 2018

Under the supervision of IUG Deanship of Scientific Research, Kingston University in Britain, the University of Tampere in Finland, and Hamad Hospital in Qatar, Prof. Samir Qauta, an academician from IUG psychology Department, has finished a research visit to Qatar included in a joint research project entitled, “Comparison of Symptoms of Trauma between Children in Gaza and Qatar”.

Prof. Qauta met with the researchers’ team to plan for the last phase of the project that aims at recognizing the effect of traumatic experiences on the children genetics DNA. In this respect, Prof. Fadel Al-Sharif conducts a study on the cortisol of children, who were vulnerable to great Trauma, to diagnose its influence on their DNA.

The team prof. Qautaa met with includes Dr. Raya Punamki from the University of Tampere, Prof. Muthana Samara from Kingston University, Prof. Hisham Mursi from Hamad Hospital, and Dr. Nader Dwaik.

In this context, Prof. Qauta has trained a bunch of psychologists who are supposed to intervene in schools of Qatar by preparing a therapeutic phase for children with high scores in post-traumatic stress disorder testing.