Alumni Unemployment: Prospects and Solutions

30 - Apr - 2018

The Faculty of Commerce has launched the actions of the sixth scientific conference entitled, “Alumni Unemployment: Prospects and Solutions.

The conference has been attended by IUG President Prof. Nasser Farahat, Assistant Secretary of the Ministry of Labor Mr. Musa Al-Sammak, the Dean of Commerce Faculty Prof. Hamdi Zoarob, the Head of Mineral Industries Union Eng. Mohammed Al-Mansy , and a host of representatives of the General Union of Palestinian Industries, the personnel of ministries, private sector, and NGOs as well as faculty members and students.

Prof. Farahat mentioned that the unemployment crisis has so aggravated that reaching to unreasonable peak, calling upon the interested people and experts to put a strategy for distributing the youth’s power needed for the business market. He assured that planning for good related- market programs would alleviate the crisis if appropriate solutions and applicable recommendations were put properly.

Mr. Al-Sammak pointed out that the ministry of labor has spared no efforts in getting rid of the unemployment crisis, so many private projects have been supported, entrepreneurship field developed, a program for finding solutions prepared and so on. Mr. Al- Sammak assured the situation needs a national problem power that can set up strategies to uproot the unemployment crisis.

Prof. Zoarob noted out that the unemployment ratios in both Gaza Strip and the West Bank due to difficult conditions reflect poverty in a negative way that affects the national economy in the first place. He called for investing the local market optimally to absorb more numbers of graduates and unemployed people.

Eng. Al-Mansy clarified that the local production is the cornerstone of the Palestinian economy; therefore, participation in the conference and activities come as a national role the academic sector plays in aiding the economy. He called for encouraging and promoting the national products as a duty of Palestinians to support their country.