Supervised by the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health

Priorities Of Scientific Research In Safety & Occupational Health Field

02 - May - 2018

In coordination with the Ministry of Labor, Engineering Faculty held a scientific day entitled, “Priorities of Scientific Research in Occupational Safety and Health Field”, to disseminate awareness about risk management and ways of evaluation,

The event took place at the General Conference Hall of Al-Quds Building, and in the presence of IUG President Prof. Nasser Farahat, the Assistant Secretary of Ministry of Labor Mr. Musa AL-Sammak, and the Chairman of Contractors’ Union Eng. Alaa Al-Araj, the Dean of Engineering Faculty prof. Abdel-Kareem Mohsen; besides, a host of researchers, representatives of ministries, syndicates, and NGOs, as well as, experts and specialists working in the occupational safety and Health field.

Mrs. AL-Sammak said, “The Ministry of Labor is keen to cooperate with higher education institutions to improve the field of occupational safety and health, so can protect humans’ life”. He noted out that the society is in a desperate need for a business market to determinate the actual indications of the power of work. He called upon interested people to set out practical recommendations for scientific research related to occupational safety and health field.

In his speech, Prof. Farahat praised that the Islamic University offers for various community-oriented services which have been extended to the marginalized sectors, aiming at integrating them with society in all its forms.

Eng. Mahfooz clarified that the National Committee and the Ministry of Labor to carry out a range of occupational safety and health trends such as activation of labor code sections, activation of laboratory explorations for the workplace, working on smart computing for the mentioned field, achieving effective dialogue with partners, and cooperating with the Social Security Corporation.

Eng. Al-Arja emphasized that the purpose of safety & occupational health is to manage and evaluate risks through observing the surrounding environment, the tools and the equipment used in the project, taking into consideration the necessary measures and the appropriate preventions that may happen. He confirmed that the success criterion of any project is precisely marked off by quality, time, cost and safety of employees.

The good management and evaluation of risks can be achieved, as he stressed, by implementing a wise and objective treatment. The treatment must include conducting awareness-raising campaigns for rights and duties of employers and workers, as well as, intensifying training and rehabilitation efforts of workers in the areas of competence.  Furthermore, the Ministry of Labor works on increasing the number of monitors when applying the law.

On the sidelines of the day, the Faculty has inaugurated an exhibition contains equipment for safety, occupational health, and fire. Many local companies have participated in the exhibition such as Al- Hasaineh fire Equipment Company, Al-Ghussein Trading & Industry Co., Al-Sabra Trading & Industry Company, and Bahaa al-Ghussein Co. for integrated Security solutions.