Health Science Participates In ِِBSP Annual Conference

11 - Apr - 2018

Falling under Zamala program, the dean of Health Science Faculty prof. Adnan Al Hindi has recently participated in the annual conference of British Society for Parasitology with a scientific research, entitled “Epidemiology of Trichomonas vaginalis infection among infertile women in Gaza city, Palestine”. The conference took place at the Aberystwyth University, where (320) worldwide researchers have been attending, (213) participants, and (107) posters.

In partnership with Dr. Amal Y. Almaqadma, Prof. Al Hindi presented a research about Epidemiology of Trichomonas vaginalis infection among infertile women in Gaza city, one of the well-known sexually transmitted diseases in the world, yet, as he reported, it is a curable disease. He also clarified that the samples of the study were taken from Al Basma center for fertilization; the samples were being checked out by the DNA technique. Results of study assured that the total average of inflicted women reached (5.8%), more importantly, there is a statistical significance between inflection and the patient’s age, marriage age, pre-vaginal infections.  

“Results of statistics showed that the highest rate of infection was recorded among unemployed women, women with elementary and preparatory education, who live in a co-house with the husband’s family, and woman who married to smokers”, as he summarized.  

He also added that “The study resulted that this disease may be attributed to iatrogenic reasons rather than to personal hygiene habits. The study recommended doctors to take into consideration the sterilization techniques while conducting gynecological examinations and surgeries”.

In a related context, Prof. Al-Hindi has also participated in two workshops, entitled "Advanced techniques of screening and cultivating of Cryptosporidium to develop medicines and detecting  genetic changes", while the second workshop was, entitled  "The genetic fortitude of the cultured Cryptosporidium."