IUG Signs Agreement of Understanding With PICTA

07 - Apr - 2018

IT Faculty has signed a cooperative agreement with the Palestinian Syndicate for information and communication technology “PICTA”. The signature was in the presence of the Dean of IT Faculty Prof. Rebhi Barak with the Chairman of the Board of PICTA.  The agreement, first and last, aimed at investing IUG- PICTA fruitful cooperation to raise the level of IT students in the vocational and educational field which can pave the road for them to get into the Business market properly.

 In terms of the educational development, the agreement takes into consideration supporting the scientific research field by disseminating a background about Information Technology in the industrial sectors. Moreover, it helps improve the academic curricula through proposing a paradigm for new disciplines that will be internationally accredited, and periodically updated to fit the business market.   

On the level of activities, the agreement guarantees PICTA to share in all IUG scientific conferences and activities through coordinating between various industrial sectors to help develop IT Faculty. Most importantly, both IUG& PICTA work on developing graduation research; PICTA provides IUG with databases of the Projects, while IUG has to implement them.

 In the training domain, IUG provides the syndicate with numbers and data of students who need periodical field training, while PICTA works on offering opportunities for field training available at institutions and companies in Gaza.  

In the social life, the agreement seeks to activate the role of Information Technology in the Palestinian community in a way that can serve and affect the social issues, in accordance with related- public policies and national strategies.