Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission Visits IUG

21 - Feb - 2018

A delegation included Dr. Sami Basha, The president of HEI Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission, and Dr. Muamar Shtewi, Vice-president of the commission, visited the Islamic University to follow up IUG academic programs credited by HEI and to get access to the registration program which encompassed the students' enrolled in every program. After visiting the registration program, the stern shifted to IUG scientific labs, then meeting members of medicine faculty, and finally to education faculty, particularly, P.H.D Program for Methodology and teaching methods.

The delegation has been received by the Vice-President for academic affairs Prof. Salem Hellis, the Dean of Quality and Development Dr. Mohammed Hanjouri, the Dean of Admission and registration Dr. Sofyan Taye, and the administrator of Academic affairs.      

Dr. Basha praised the good reputation IUG enjoys at all academic and research fields, he appreciated its commitment to all AQAC standards. He pointed to the importance of building bridges of communication with educational institutions in a way that raise the quality of educational process and academic programs.

Prof. Salem Hellis welcomed the visiting delegation and praised its attention to offer facilitation improve Higher Education and its institutions. Prof. Hellis talked deliberately about the university evolution, its academic, structural, and research development, additionally to MA., P.H.D Programs, higher diploma, and specialist vocational diploma.