Funded by Finnish Foreign Affairs Ministry

Information Meeting on The Finnish Project

11 - Feb - 2018

In the framework of implementing the plan "HEI Institutional cooperation in Finland ",  IUG team held a series of activities defining the Finnish project "Developing educational practices in Palestinian higher education institutions" at the University Council level, Deans and faculties. The project extends from March 2017 to March 2020.

During IUG council meeting attended by IUG president Prof Nasser Farahat, Vice-President for academic affairs prof. Salem Hellis, and Vice-president for administrative affairs prof. Maged Farra, the project manager Prof. Nazmi Al-Masry gave a presentation informing about the project, its activities and objectives; he praising IUG partners at Tampere University, Finland.

Prof. Al-Masry explained that  "eTraining FinPal" project is the fruitful outcome of the cooperative agreement between the research group " HE in the transitional phase", implemented at the University of Tampere, and IUG academic affairs in Palestine.

Prof. Al-Masry pointed out that the Finnish project aims at developing the educational efficiency and the academicians' potentials through forming  IUG "University Teaching Unit. This unit will be a guidance for Palestinian universities as it will include an educational program specialized for university teaching skills.

The main goal of the project is to better the educational process quality in the Palestinian universities which serves the society in general. Prof. Nazmi noted that the project has (5) consecutive phases: evaluating the academic needs and previewing IUG educational environment, designing the training program specialized for university teaching,  training of trainers, disseminating experience and establishing the University Teaching Unit, and evaluating the project's results.