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A Group Of IUG Students Commences Studying At University Of Glasgow

02 - Feb - 2018

In the context of the mobility projects of Erasmus program, a group of IUG students commences studying at UofG in Britain. The Mobility Project enables students to study courses from the academic plan at any international universities partners of IUG, in which the studied courses would be equated if the student succeeded. These projects, in general, aim at improving students' performance and learning, as well as, increasing their Self-esteem and self- empowerment. In addition, strengthening foreign language competencies, and raising awareness and dissemination of different cultures.


The group included eight master and bachelor students from different disciplines including Engineering, Literature, Commerce, and Medicine. Students were chosen according to some institutional steps and competitive selection criteria; the selection process has taken more than two months from IUG External Relations. Whereas, The UofG contributed in assessing students' English level through holding exams and interviews with a faculty member, Professor Bell.

This project falls under IUG international relations with the long-standing UofG, the strategic partner of IUG.

It is noteworthy that the Islamic University is a partner of (15) international mobility projects included in Erasmus program, which has resulted in more than (50) international mobility opportunities for students.