Academician Participates In The International Training Week At University of Santiago de Compostela

03 - Feb - 2018

Under Umbrella of Erasmus mobility Program, Prof. Abdul Nasser Abdul Hadi, from Computer Engineering Faculty, has participated in the training week of International mobility and internationalization held at the University of Santiago de Compostela and funded by UE. The purpose of the training week is to boost the communication and networking between more than (30) joint universities. Moreover, it stands up for exchanging experiences and action methodologies, which lead to better administration of mobility projects between universities. This fruitful international week has been attended by different representatives from several universities include Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Tunis, Palestine, Iran, India, and Afghanistan.

 The Training week encompassed several topics which, in a way or another, focus on strengthening the cooperation and academic mobility between the partner universities, facilitating the enrolment in different programs for students, professors and administrators; in addition, offering a chance for country-language learning courses over the Internet, and courses equivalency for students.

As prof. Abdul Hady represented the Islamic University, he left no effort to clarify conditions of Gaza Strip and at which extent these tough conditions have still affected mobility between universities and prevented students and professors from having communication with the foreign world. He confirmed that universities' mobility must continue, taking into consideration the travel circumstances in Gaza, and the need to increase the deadline time for programs enrolment.

The week also included some field visits to different university branches in the city of Santiago and the Spanish city of Lugo, which provided participants some glimpse about the cultural and historical monuments of the city.

Prof. Abdul Hadi is absolutely delighted at being a participant in such gorgeous journey thanking IUG for its endeavor to improve the professional competencies, increase opportunities for career development, and exchange experiences, cultures, and best practices.